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Our cardiovascular imaging expertise, initially with sonomicrometry and subsequently with 3D echocardiography, has allowed us to quantitatively describe the normal hyperparabolic (saddle) shape of the mitral valve annulus with unprecedented accuracy. Our work has demonstrated that this shape is important for normal valve function and that it is disrupted by disease and current repair techniques. Prior to our discoveries the importance of the saddle-shape of the mitral annulus was not recognized. We demonstrated that this distinctive shape was extremely important in maintaining normal mitral leaflet geometry and minimizing leaflet stress. Our work subsequently went on to demonstrate the importance of maintaining or restoring normal annular geometry with addle-shape annuloplasty during valve repair procedures. These insights have profoundly changed the way mitral annuloplasty rings are designed. Prior to our work all annuloplasty rings were flat. During the past two years an entire generation of new saddle-shaped rings have been developed and commercialized by three major medical device companies : the Medtronic Profile 3D®, the St. Jude Rigid Saddle Ring®, Edwards Physio II® annuloplasty rings.

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